Launch of RPG

As RPG has launched, I am overwhelmed by the warm response from so many of our friends, colleagues and clients. While job one is to provide our customers with excellent and consistent services, we will also strive to prove that there are still great opportunities for our young folks. Recently encouraged by a discussion with a person with whom I hold in great respect––he suggested that in many ways it is the older generation that has failed to grasp how so much has changed. We have expected the younger generation to just jump on board with us. It is the goal of RPG to educate and encourage the new generation to the great opportunities that await them in the power and petro-chem industries and to offer them a path that will enable them to reach their goals. Welding isn’t for everyone, and that is why we are going to offer a broader curriculum including pipe fitting, field machining, and I & C. Looking forward to working with this team!

David Riley, President