RPG offers a full service platform of maintenance, construction and specialty services to clients nationwide. Whether providing maintenance to an existing plant, assisting in retrofits, or performing new construction, safety is our highest priority. RPG is committed to providing and delivering the safest and highest quality work from the beginning of the project to the final system checkout.

RPG and GAWCO achieve superior results by utilizing any or all of the following areas of expertise:

  • Welding: Pipe & Structural, under our Code Stamps: “R”, “S” & “U”
  • Fabrication: Reactor & Missile Shielding, Pylons & Piping, Structural
  • Precision Millwright: Calibration, Pumps, Engines, Compressors, Gearboxes, Turbines
  • Electrical & Instrumentation: Conduit, DCS Migrations
  • Engineering: Mechanical, Structural, Process, Electrical, Civil
  • Civil: Site Clearing/ Prep, Excavation, Systems, Structures
  • Rigging: Steel Erection, Equipment Installs, Heavy Equipment, Lifts

Mechanical, Welding and Machining Services

RPG’s comprehensive maintenance offerings ensure your facility achieves and maintains optimal safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Electrical, Valve and I&C Services

RPG goes beyond welding and field machining to serve our customers who are working to build new facilities for the nuclear, fossil fuel, shipbuilding and process industries. We partner with the leaders in technology, instrumentation, and engineering to bring you innovative solutions that improve safety and productivity.

MMC and Staffing Services

RPG brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in welding and pipefitting to all of our clients.