Our Services

RPG provides full-service maintenance, construction and specialty service solutions. From highly technical jobs, such as performing power plant or Oil and Gas turn-key modification projects, to providing specialized labor for the US Navy shipbuilding industries, our clients repeatedly turn to RPG when the job must be done right. We understand the trust that is assigned to us at contract commencement, and are unwavering in our efforts to deliver on that trust with best-in-class safety, event free 1st time quality work that is on time and within budget that meets our client’s goals.


RPG leads the way in delivering premier maintenance and construction solutions, with an emphasis on welding, machining, electrical and I&C services, valve and staffing solutions. RPG integrates our individual business lines to provide full Maintenance, Modification and Construction (MMC) Services based on customer requested scopes of work for clients across the United States. We partner with a wide spectrum of industries across the nation, notably in power generation (including fossil, nuclear, and oil and gas), defense, and various industrial sectors.

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We excel in various construction services, including fabrication, facility retrofits, and greenfield construction. Our team, comprised of highly skilled professionals, consistently meets and surpasses client expectations, ensuring that every project is completed in a safe, event free, 1st time quality manner that is on time and within budget.

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Specialty Services

Our specialty services cater to a wide range of needs, from providing skilled technicians and craft as well as highly experienced supervisors, project managers and on-site leadership roles. We have built a strong reputation for safety and efficiency. Our clients rely on us for our proficiency and our commitment to delivering exceptional results in every project.

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RPG Mission Statement

The mission of RPG is to be regarded as the premier provider of maintenance modification and construction (MMC), mechanical, welding, machining, electrical, I&C valve and staffing solution services to the North American power, petrochemical, and defense industries. RPG approaches each contract as a partnership. We collaborate with our customers to design and consistently deliver their safety, quality, and production requirements during maintenance and construction activities.  We execute these services with the highest level of integrity and diligence. RPG strives for mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships with our clients.  We look forward to gaining and continuously building your trust.

The success of RPG is built upon our core beliefs, which have enabled us to be both a trusted business partner for our clients, as well as the best employer for our people. Our people define who we are. It is only through their hard work and dedication that we are able to deliver the highest levels of efficacy to our valued clients. We achieve this through the following:

Safety – RPG’s safety-first culture is proactive and preventive. We employ rigorous training, state-of-the-art equipment, and robust safety protocols to ensure that every project site is a model of industry-leading safety practices. Our TRIR and LTIR safety performance lead the industry.

Integrity & Quality – Our pledge to ensure integrity and first-time quality is built into every scope of work we do, from a calibration of an instrument to an automatic weld, to a staffing position we fill to an integrated mechanical and electrical modification project to a new construction project. RPG has built industry leading craft, technician and leadership training programs to provide the skills, knowledge and demonstration of proficiency prior to our staff working at customer facilities. RPG’s adherence to ethical practices and high-quality standards has earned us a reputation for reliability and excellence

Continuity – The stability and depth of experience within our leadership team mean that clients receive consistent, knowledgeable, and attentive service. This is a key factor in RPG’s ability to undertake and successfully deliver complex, long-term projects. RPG’s leadership team has >200 years of experience providing “boots on the ground” oversight of Power Plant, Oil and Gas facility, Defense business line, integrated mechanical and electrical work activities.