Specialty Services

RPG brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in welding and pipefitting to all of our clients. Whether supplying project-based welding, pipefitting and field machining assistance or technicians to work under plant leadership, RPG has gained the confidence of dozens of clients by ensuring that our work is done safely and efficiently.


RPG offers pipe, tube, and structural welding services, including FCAW, GMAW, SMAW, GTAW and RMD/STT processes. Our welding technicians are certified, and RPG holds certificates from both the National Board and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, providing rigorous QA/QC tracking under our Code Stamps (“R”, “S” & “U”). RPG welders are trained and experienced in working with challenging alloys including super-duplex, inconel, 9 percent chrome and aluminum.

Our Welding Technicians Possess the Following Specialized Skill-sets:

  • Boiler Tube Welding
  • Conventional Groove Welding
  • Narrow Groove Welding
  • Welding Overlays
  • RMD/STT Welding
  • Orbital Welding


A common request we hear from our client-partners is, “We need talented pipefitters, in addition to welders.” RPG meets that need by utilizing a team of seasoned pipefitters from our extensive database. Our journeyman pipefitters are experts in the installation, assembly, maintenance, and repair of complex pipe systems. 

Field Machining to Improve Plant Maintenance

In order to sustain operations and cut back on downtime, RPG offers field machining services that go beyond cutting and prepping pipe. We perform the following field machining tasks, and partner with engineers specializing in the design and production of unique tools specific to your project:

  • Pipe Cutting/Beveling
  • Drilling and Stud Removal
  • Flange Repair
  • In-place Flange Facing
  • Dismantlement and Decommissioning services
  • Boring Bar Operations
  • Mock Ups
  • Valve Replacement
  • Weld Excavation
  • Gamma Holes and Plugs
  • Customized Equipment Enabling the Removal and Entry into Vessels for Component Repair

Contact Us Regarding Our Specialty Services

The experienced RPG Leadership Team has a solid history of success in specialty services across the power, process, industrial, oil & gas and shipbuilding industries. To learn more about how we can help achieve your safety, productivity and facility efficiency goals, contact us today at (910) 420-6999 or fill out our contact form.