Maintenance, Modification and Construction (MMC)

RPG will integrate our Specialty Services and Staffing capabilities to provide MMC Services with Safety, Event Free & First Time Quality  performance while meeting client cost and schedule goals.

Leverage our leaderships >200 years of successful Nuclear Maintenance and Modification experience.

Leverage our extensive union and non-union experience, relationships and training to ensure success.

Offer T&M, Target & Fixed Price options for individual and integrated Maintenance, Projects and integrated specialty work scope.

Offer to completely self perform MMC work scope or successfully subcontract work to meet diversity and/or spend requirements.  We will also TEAM with established Local Suppliers to create 1 TEAM!

Attract the RIGHT Site Managers, Project Managers and Supervision with the skills, experience, qualifications and respect of the client  and craft/technicians to meet client goals.

Offer First Time Quality of Work Guarantee.

Provide Project Controls and a  Scope Control Process  to promptly  obtain client buy-in on scope, cost and schedule decisions.  We will also offer to absorb work that does not impact key client parameters.

We will put our “Fee at Risk” and Earn it back through achieving  performance metrics agreed to by client.


Capabilities include Recruiting & Staffing for Seconded & Staff Augmentation Roles:

Seconded Staffing:

  • Work with client to establish Staffing Plan for Craft Staffing up to General Foreman to enable full staffing
  • Work with Union Halls, NCCER Certification and Client Training organization to provide qualified craft

Staff Augmentation for Client Professional Openings

  • Establishes high standards for experience and qualifications to fill openings
  • Focus with Client on those critical position attributes that enable safe, event free, 1st time quality work that achieves client’s cost and schedule requirements.

Spring 2024 Full RPG Staffing Achieved:

  • Craft Staffed: 560
  • Technicians Staffed: 200
  • Field Non-Manuals/Professional Positions: 100

RPG utilizes:

  • Database of over 40,000 candidates
  • 5 Recruiters with subject matter expertise of skills and qualifications required of candidates, combined 115 years relevant industry recruiting experience.
  • Overseen by HR Executive that recently managed $100M staffing organization with 10 years’ experience with AEP as client.

Contact Us Regarding Our MMC and Staffing Services

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