Our Philosophy


RPG is led by a management team who have worked in the maintenance and construction of power and petrochem plants for many decades. From 100 degrees in South Florida to the challenging “man-camp” in Alaska, we have been there. Common purpose and company pride has a way of overcoming many obstacles.


This is the foundation of who we are at RPG. Without it, nothing else matters. It is a word that covers so many facets of our everyday lives, our work, safety, quality. At the end of the day, it is what we will be known by above all the other areas we hold so important to the success of our company.


When arriving to a site, one of the first things that will become evident is the atmosphere of RPG teamwork. Like so many things, there are measurable differences. It is our job to ensure that we not only embrace good attitudes, but to set an example of how we embrace the bad ones as well. Anyone can have a rough day. We believe teamwork is an undervalued aspect in the implementation of a project. Show the customer the right attitude, and more times than not, you will open yet another door leading to success.


Nothing is more important to us. It is the culmination of bringing our company values and job execution to another level. It is, in a word, history. RPG has many relationships in the power industry that have formed over the years and many of them vary in nature, but they have a common denominator: honesty. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay – some things just don’t change.


If anything has had a major shift in our industry, it is safety. The common place practices considered standard procedure 30 years ago are almost unrecognizable now. We believe that safety is a culture that must be driven from the top and as with most things, if enough effort and time goes into it, eventually it becomes  habit.  The personal responsibility of our leaders and supervisors is to implement our safety program that protects our employees, our customers, our families. RPG has developed an extensive and comprehensive safety program that monitors our projects through observation, safety assessments, surveys and employee feedback, resulting in an unprecedented record of no OSHA recordables to date, with a .67 EMR rating and over 1,000,000 man hours. Training and daily “gang box” meetings help solidify these processes. Only through total safety commitment by the entire company can our ultimate goal of zero accidents be accomplished. We want everyone to go home safe, every single day. Safety has to be so much more than talk or procedures; it has to be a culture. Time and commitment to this culture will result in the protection of our greatest treasure, people.


As a company, we understand the importance of first time quality. If customers are able to be flexible on welding joint design or process, we will work with them in developing a program based on our extensive experience in the field that will minimize weld defects. Known trouble spots can be viewed and addressed occasionally in the planning process to decrease the possibility of a rejected weld. Process will never replace talent and experience, and we take all measures to employ and when necessary train our welding staff to perform with a “zero defect” mind set. All the careful planning and prep work that led to the welding of a critical component means nothing if the NDE results are unacceptable! To address the current technician shortage and prepare tomorrows work force, RPG is actively working to open multi-site welding, pipefitting, electrical and instrument tech training centers in strategic US locations.